a letter from our



Recruitment is an amazing process that showcases a sisterhood coming together to last beyond the four years we spend at GW. It opens the door to new friendships, community involvement, leadership responsibilities, and a network of contacts that one will have for the rest of their life. 

When I came to GW I anticipated joining a sorority, but I could never have imagined the positive impact Alpha Phi would have on my college experience. Alpha Phi has given me a never failing support system, endless laughter, a home away from home, and sisters who have become my best friends. We could not be more excited to share our love for Alpha Phi with you!

We are thrilled that our members will have the opportunity to share Alpha Phi's values with you, including sisterhood, leadership, scholarship, loyalty, and service. We hope you see all the dedication we put in to our philanthropy, our lively campus presence, our welcoming sisterhood, and all of the diverse activities that our sisters excel in both on and off campus. Most importantly, we hope you fall in love with Alpha Phi just as we all did, and find YOUR home away from home!

I speak on behalf of not only myself but also my sisters when I say, we are counting down the days until we meet you in the Spring!  PC ’18, we can’t wait to welcome you into the Ivy League and show you how Alpha Phi is fun, fearless, and forever!

With Love, 

Brittany Engelman

Helpful Tips for Recruitment!


- Be Yourself - We know it sounds cliché, but recruitment is all about finding a chapter where you feel most comfortable being yourself. So go ahead - make that sassy comment, tell us your passions, and be your essential self!

- Keep an Open Mind - It's tempting to listen to the stereotypes or rumors you hear before recruitment, but they're only a single story! Create your own opinions about GW Greek Life and the different chapters within it. 

- Don't be Nervous - Okay, this is easier said than done. Nerves can get the best of us, but look towards your exciting future filled with the possibility of new friends and new experiences!

Give it a Chance - Many of us did and we ended up loving it! Even if you are unsure about going Greek, you won't regret giving recruitment a chance. 

Enjoy Yourself - Recruitment is both exciting and memorable! Take a moment or two to really appreciate the process and the opportunity to get to know so many girls throughout the week.

Have Fun!